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What did it bring?
In figures, the maximum power at the wheels is now 134,5HP which means approx. 155HP at the cranck shaft. In comparison to the original 144 HP a win of 10,5 HP or 7,3%
The torque has been raised from the specified 169Nm to almost 190Nm A win of 21Nm or 12,4%
Even more impresive are the partial load figures and the band width at which the increase has shown.
driveability, a lot more power in the lower rpm range; no more "dead" feeling under 3500 rpm. Shifting through the gears it is much easier to reach rpm max, Now I do hit 7200 rpm in 4th whereas I couldn't reach 7000 rpm befor. Nevertheless, there still is some difficulty reaching 210 km/h; I must absolutely hit max rpm in 4th and then it takes a while to get to 210.
But, on a nice slight down hill slope on the German Autobahn, I managed to almost hit the rev limiter in 5th gear (reached 7000 rpm / 235 km/h!!!!!!!!) when a Golf moved to my lane and forced me to stop my attempt.
And also it is much easier to move around in traffic jams; no more bouncing around. I can go down to idle (800 rpm) in all gears and when I step on the paddle the car just starts accelerating smoothly.
On the country roads, I can now easily "battle" with 2.4JTD's end 2.5V6's!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big thank you to:

  • Leo van der Maden, Ivo Schooltink and "Rob" of Madeno Racing in Oude-Tonge
  • The many thousands of Alfisti who have supported me during my ordeal
  • Lejo Buning of HTS-Autotechniek (Automotive Technical University) in Arnhem for his generous offer to calculate power loss and tip me on possible reasons
  • TNO Voertuigdynamica (Technical Physical Laboratory for transport dynamics)
  • Many representatives of tyre importers and producers who gave me input about the impact of "wide" tyres on car performance
  • My family who hope I will have more spare time for them now I have lost my daily portion of time consumming "hobby"

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