From day one I have encountered top speed problems with my car; nevertheless, it is a fantastic car in all other respects.

In 5th gear I cannot reach a higher top speed than 185 km/h!!

Unfortunately I am encountering a very disrespectful attitude by the Dutch Alfa Romeo importer Fiat Auto Nederland.
Time and time again they change their story, leaving me look foolish, even worse, a liar!!
First the car (engine) should run in longer, than the wide tires were to blame; in spite of my proof, delivered to me by virtually every tire manufacturer as well as i.e. the Dutch University for Automobiles, that this is absolute nonsense, they sticked to their opinion. Then they wanted to buy my car back, but it showed they lacked funds to support their "big mouth", so they came back on that as well!!
After 6 months they agreed to put the car on a roller test bench to check the power with both my tires (215/45*17) and the standard 185/65*15. Of course no difference at all!!!!
The engine performed according to specifications, but the test did show a way too high loss of power between engine and wheels, so the net available power was too low, and the shape of the torque and power curves deviated quite considerably (in the negative) from the specified curves. This was also confirmed by the experts from the company that performed the test (chosen by Fiat Auto Nederland) and who, in the opinion of the Alfa service specialist who was present as well, were very experienced and knowledgeable in testing Alfa's.
On the next pages both test performance curves as well as the specified curve and my open letter to Fiat Auto Nederland bv.
In this open letter I express the feeling I have from 6 month experience with them.
This has been a very bad feeling!!

Just to add:
I am a dedicated Alfisti for over 25 years now and feel absolutely ridiculed by them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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