For sale

Alfa Romeo Montreal

(20-6-1974 – Chassis # AR1428700)


My Alfa Romeo Montreal is in pristine condition.

I have purchased the Alfa Romeo Montreal during spring of 2003 from former Alfa Romeo dealership “Blondeel” of Oostende/Belgium ( They delivered the Alfa Romeo Montreal new to the first owner in 1974 and repurchased the car from him later on. Thereafter the Alfa Romeo Montreal has been treated by them in their usual manner  and used as a show object in their show room.

Unfortunately no pictures have been preserved detailing the work done.


The Spica fuel injection pump has been rebuilt in 2005 by THE specialist in this field, Wes Ingram in the USA (; since 2003 all maintenance has been performed by Alfa Romeo specialist Berfelo Italian Car Service in Giesbeek/The Netherlands (

Only item not 100% o.k.:

The TA (Thermostatic Actuator) - a kind of “choke”- that regulates the fuel-air mixture during the first (cold) minutes; due to a leakage the TA has been disconnected. After a cold start, the engine needs 1-2 minutes idling at 1200-1500rpm to perform “normal”; the TA is not needed from then. As I don’t need this feature, I have not (yet) repaired it. A new or rebuilt TA may be purchased from (i.e.) Wes Ingram at approx. US$ 350 ( 275); assembly and setting is easily done yourselves. Total costs involved approx. 325. I can arrange this for you as part of the sales deal!


This Alfa Romeo Montreal is fitted with a brand new set of 4 rims made from forged aluminium in size 7Jx15 (original is 6,5Jx14) with matching Pirelli Cinturato tyre size 205/60x15. These rims come from the first batch specially manufactured for Group4Wheels by Compomotive ( The 4 old, original, 6½Jx14 magnesium rims are supplied with the car.  Spare wheel is original 14”.


The brakes are 100%, however “design 1974”. This is more than sufficient for the way I drive the Alfa Romeo Montreal, but some owners want/need “more”. With these 15” rims larger brake callipers can be fitted easily.


APK (Dutch MOT): Until September 17, 2014



42.500 (£33,515 according to - 24.09.2013) (Private sale, no BTW/VAT)

Tekstvak: S O L D